2013 Exhibitor Listing & Startup Demos


    “Innovation is the Cart, and Entrepreneurs are the Horses. We focus too much on loading up the cart, we need to focus on Entrepreneurs to commercialize the load, if we want to create jobs and grow the economy.” - Jim Clifton, Chairman & CEO of Gallup and Author of The Coming Jobs War

    Exhibitors may be interviewed to be considered in a video documentary about Entrepreneurs.

    James Brown is a professional photographer, videographer, director and producer.  James worked for VH1′s “Behind the Scenes” focusing on Music Entrepreneurs. His work also includes documentaries and photography.

    For Entrepreneur Day 2012 we had a wait list! Don’t be on the wait list for 2013.  Apply to become an exhibitor, CLICK HERE.

    Exhibitors!  Please visit our FAQ page for all the exhibitor setup, check in and check out and assistance, and point of contact details at: http://sdentrepreneurday.com/faqs/

    james brown media

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    Booths may be used as “Pop-up Clinics” by offering free initial consulting and review for: legal services, accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, leasing of office-retail space or capital equipment, or even for new book releases and autograph signings. Entrepreneurial startups and small businesses require a brand identity, graphics design services, and marketing services, web designing and developing, advertising and social media, and insurance and financial services, IT and computer services, automobiles and travel services, product designs and engineering services, as well as business coaching or management training, etc.

    Your startup or small business can take advantage of San Diego Entrepreneur Day with a “Pop-up Store Front” to get discovered, mentored, seek investor interests, test market or conduct market research or if you are introducing new or selling existing products and services, as well as seeking contractors, employees, interns, suppliers, manufacturers, or distribution channels and more, and for new book releases and autograph signings.

    A perfect forum and opportunity for startups to demonstrate your concepts and fine-tune your customer development strategies and tactics.

    Other benefits: learning how to launch a startup concept and growing an existing company/business, and areas related to: customer acquisition, new product/service education, future partnerships or cofounders, investor introductions, inventors, mentors, as well as other interactive and useful experiences and activities for all who attend. Other opportunities include: match making in the areas of business and customer development, product demonstrations, market research surveys, talent search, internships, resume workshops, employment interviews, companies seeking distributors, and manufacturing and suppliers.

    Unable to exhibit? – then become a sponsor. Visit: http://sdentrepreneurday.com/list-of-sponsors/become-a-sponsor/




    Stop by the Hiscox Small Business Insurance booth at San Diego Entrepreneur Day and tell them your company story for the chance to win great prizes. All interviews will be recorded and promoted on the Hiscox Small Business Blog and their social media channels.

    Share your secrets for entrepreneurial success to win:

    1st prize – Admission to ONTRApalooza – The Ultimate Event for Business Rockstars, Oct. 2-3 in Santa Barbara.http://ontrapalooza.com/ ONTRApalooza
    2nd prize – Annual subscription to pitch engine for creating social media press releases.
    3rd prize – One-year premium subscription to LinkedIn.


    This year’s preliminary list of supporters/exhibitors/participants include (So far, not limited to the following and subject to change):

    Updating Daily-


    3DAGOGO.com (new)

    Accion (returning sponsor)





    Alexander & Associates (returning)

    ANI Commercial CA II (new sponsor)

    Angel Ventures Mexico (new)

    angelventures mexico






    Arya Ball, LLC (new)







    Click to Visit: http://aryaball.com/








    Bio, Tech and Beyond (new)

    Boston Beer Company, Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream (returning, sponsor)

    Bounce Board (new)

    Bub’s at the Park (returning)

    Blue Sky Marketing (new)

    Bullets2Bandages (returning)

    car2go (returning sponsor) visit http://sandiego.car2go.com/

    car2go OFFICIAL LOGO





    Chubby’s Food Truck (new)

    Cooking For Life (returning)

    Craft Beerd Company (new)

    Crow Thief (new)

    CrowThief logo-black-2012-updated




    Danceessence (new)







    Designer Vault (new)





    Devilicious Food Truck (returning)

    DJ Engage (new)

    DJ Engage





    DMV.org (new)




    East Village Association (returning)

    Employment & Community Options (returning)

    Embark Law (new)





    Englue (new)






    Etching Expressions (returning)

    Farmers Insurance (new)

    FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) (new)

    fidm logo





    FoneFill (new)f

    ForPurposeLaw.com (new)

    Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.01.26 AM






    ForwardMetrics (new)

    forwardmetric_logo_216x54 (2)




    Fortune421 (new)

    Fortune421 2013





    Geek Girl Camp www.GeekGirlCamp.com (new)






    Gobie H20 (new)

    gobie official logo color bottle angle logo






    GoGiro  www.gogiro.com/sandiego  (Returning)






    GoDaddy (new, sponsor)







    Good Time Design (new)








    Global Clean Water (returning)


    Global Clean Water Shirt









    Hall & Saks (new)

    Handcrafted Brands (new, sponsor)







    Herman Miller (returning, sponsor)

    Herman Miller




    Hiscox Small Business Insurance (new, title sponsor)









    Homemade Harvey (new)

    HouseOfBoutiques.com (new)

    IBR Services, Co. (new)








    Invictus ITG (new)


    invictus ITG







    Click to Visit: Intelligent Office San Diego  (new)






    Jobs Match-Maker Portal Booth (new)

    SDEC Jobs Portal






    Click to Visit: http://www.sdentrepreneurcenter.com/services/job-services/

    www.LeftCoastEng.com (new)





    Left Coast Engineering is a full-service Product Design Consulting Firm based in Escondido, CA.  LCE specializes in hardware, software, wireless, and RF designs for companies big and small and has worked on everything from high-end audio to portable medical devices to wireless soil monitoring.  LCE works closely with partners for industrial design, mechanical design, contract manufacturing, and certification testing.  Basically, LCE has all the components to bring any product idea to reality.

    LCE is committed to fulfilling the vision of our clients with smart solutions.   We can also help market and communicate your ideas as they become fully developed.  Our Design Team is supported by a diverse group of individuals with broad experience in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations.

    LCE will help you develop your ideas; we act as your single point of contact, leverage our expertise and partnerships, and provide you with a practical implementation of your ideas (with some of our ideas mixed in).

    In short, we are what you need.  We make the pieces fit.  You think it.  We build it.TM

    Left Coast Engineering is a dba of Park-Tours, Inc, established in 1999 to bring to market the first location-aware APPS that evolved from PDA’s to cell phones.


    Lili Claspe (new)

    Lord Wallington (new)

    LUV Surf (new) 






    MakerPlace (returning)





    Click to Visit: www.MakerPlace.com

    Martha Calderon Designs (new)

    Microsoft (returning, sponsor)

    MindHub (returning)

    My Gear Dog (returning)

    Click to Visit: www.MyGearDog.com

    National Fitness Awareness Expo

    nfaexpo green





    click to visit: wwww.NFAExpo.com 

    OnMyBlock (new)

    Pay Attention Promotions

    color logo2







    Peninsula Consulting (new)

    Picture Bakery (new)






    PowerzAll (new)

    Proper Pillow (new)

    http://www.phone.com/ (new)






    Pierce Design (returning)

    Pretzel Crisps (new)






    Pulse SD-PR (new)

    Reach Yoga (new)






    Recreation Before Responsibility (RBR) (new)

    Regal Tax Law (new)





    Roman Gadgets (new)

    San Diego Entrepreneur Center (returning, sponsor)

    Silpada (new)

    San Diego Inventors Forum (returning)







    Score San Diego





    SocialPublishingHouse.com (new)

    SDSU Entrepreneur Society (returning)

    SmartyFitness –

    US Search, Book and Pay By Phone for Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition & Beauty (new)

    Click to Visit: https://www.facebook.com/SmartyFitness






    Sign King (returning, sponsor)

    SignKING color




    Sony (returning, sponsor)

    sony direct





    SOS Entertainment (returning, sponsor)






    Spangler Event Productions (returning)

    Tijuana Economic Development Corporation





    The Habitat Factory (new)







    The UPS Store (returning sponsor)

    Orange TUPSS logo





    Thomas Jefferson School of Law (returning)

    Tower Paddle Boards (new)





    Trademark Panda (new)







    UBER (returning)







    UpDoByYou (new)

    Urban Eats Food Truck (new)

    USD Entrepreneurship Program / V2 (new, partner)






    Valentine Vianny

    VentureTown, USA (new)

    Vintage Revials (new)

    Vistage.com (new)






    Vixen (new)






    Zesty http://gozesty.com/ (new)






    ZTelco logo





    Order internet access at SDEAY here: https://portal.ztelco.com/portal/ztelco/quick_purchase

    Attention: 2013 Entrepreneur Day Exhibitors

    ZTelco is now offering 100Mbps all-day access with onsite support on September 28 at Entrepreneur Day. ZTelco’s Booth (#B12) will be located next to the Microsoft Booth (#B13), with our techs available for support throughout the event. Power your event and your multiple devices with the fastest internet available.

    This is a game changer on how you showcase your product or service. If your booth does not have power, no problem. Upon purchase you will be issued a custom Access Code.

    Sign-up Now: $25 for 100Mbps 

    Purchase now for only $25, or pay on the day of at the event for $50.

    Please provide payment here: https://portal.ztelco.com/portal/ztelco/quick_purchase

    About ZTelco

    A leading business-class carrier based out of San Diego, ZTelco offers voice and data solutions for businesses throughout Southern California as well as fiber-grade bandwidth for high-demand events such as Comicon, sports events, and concerts.

    Contact: Kee Fredkove, 858-752-9624, VP of Sales and Marketing.

    More to be announced


    Click to View:
















    “The Evolution of a Startup begins with the Entrepreneur™.”


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  • Entrepreneur Day Schedule


    • September 27, 2013
      • 6:00 pm - 9:30 pmA paid ticketed event- Friday Evening Business Networking with Food & Beverages, along with our sponsors and exhibitors, TasteMasters Guest Panelist, ending with our 2013 E-wards. Open to the public. Join our eNewsletter to receive updated information.
    • September 28, 2013
      • 10:50 am - 4:00 pmEntrepreneur Day 2013- Exhibitors, Pop-Up Offices, Consultants, Startup Demonstrations, Product Sampling, Raffles, Give-aways, Fashion Style Art Show & Lounge, Guest Speakers/Presenters, Lounge & Learn Workshops, Main Stage Elevator Pitch Contest for Cash and Prizes, Mobile Apps, and Interactive Events. Join our eNewsletter to receive updated information.
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