Our Ambition

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    The goal and formula is to proactively help launch/ignite at least 500 Entrepreneurial Concepts/Small Businesses who would employ up to 5 people or utilize contractors/vendors. 500 startups X 5 would equal 2,500 new jobs/work in ALL VERTICAL MARKETS!

    “Hey, what’s your story?”


    Ever heard someone say that to you?  Everyone has a story from the moment they wake up in the morning.

    We have many choices and opportunities in life, such as; 1) Having some control on our quality of life, 2) Being productive, 3) Acting as a role model or mentor, 4) Building and leaving a great legacy. Or, being remembered as the party animal, or just being content and happy about “walking through life”, taking up space and counting the time.

    For Entrepreneurs, we lose track of time, we get lost in our passion, our thoughts and our dreams.

    Our story? We think about how we are going to make our mark and exercise our ability to change the world. We want to invent and make things better, or to create the opportunity to be our own boss, the CEO of our own life.

    “Life is short, be remarkable, don’t waste your time”… So, ask yourself, do you want to be known as “the life of the party” or the person that gave life to a business concept and/or even a family?

    So, when you wake up tomorrow morning, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What’s your story?”  The Evolution of a Startup Begins with an Entrepreneur™.”

    2012 was our inaugural year following a dream based on a risky concept.  We pulled it off and we gave away a few thousand dollars in gift cards, computer products, services, other products, and cash in the valued-amount well over $25,000. We did what we could to help out in the advancement of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Growth.  Each year, we want to double our contribution and make our event an internationally attended event as “The Comicon For Entrepreneurs”.

    Here’s an example of the check we gave to the East Village Association.  We gave a cash donation to www.Accion.com as well. Accion provides micro financing to small businesses and entrepreneurial startups.

    SDEDAY check










    We are a small team.  Just like Startup Entrepreneurs, we are the underdogs. It’s David meets Goliath, as we are not a city, state or government subsidized organization provided with thousands or millions of dollars of funding or backing by a foundation.  We had no seed capital to start with.  We possessed a lot of passion, ingenuity and sweat equity. We pursued our goal by participating in a lot planning meetings and meetings with potential sponsors, potential exhibitors, seeking out media partners and suppliers, and presenting our idea to city officials, etc.  We invested in a lot of effort and expense to produce San Diego Entrepreneur Day, with the vision of making it an annual event.

    The goal and formula is to proactively help launch/ignite at least 500 Entrepreneurial Concepts/Small Businesses who would employ up to 5 people or utilize contractors/vendors. 500 startups X 5 would equal 2,500 new jobs/work in ALL VERTICAL MARKETS!

    San Diego Entrepreneur Day was created around the concept of corporate giving and social responsibility in order to benefit entrepreneurs and small businesses. San Diego Entrepreneur Day itself is an estimated $125,000+ valued cost to market and produce entrepreneurial endeavor, with hundreds of combined total man hours involved prior, during and expected after the event.

    In 2011, it started as a concept/idea (almost on a paper napkin), then drafted into a two-page executive summary with continuous changes and improvements along the way as we started to execute the vision.  We elevator pitched our worn-out two-page executive summary to potential sponsors and supporters, the same way you would pitch a concept to investors. As a result, we produced a very successful, inaugural San Diego Entrepreneur Day 2012. Now, we are producing Entrepreneur Day 2013 with the vision of making an internationally attended event.

    We started the Robin Hood Venture Fund with the goal of gathering the interest from companies and individuals who can support various entrepreneurial communities/markets. Through other events, programs and contests, and the resulting proceeds, the “Robin Hood Ventures Fund” will invest and/or award monies to support a variety of entrepreneurial startups.

    Today, more and more, jobs are created through startups and many small businesses instead of few large businesses. It’s no longer 10 companies hiring 100+ people at a high rate, it’s more like 100 companies with up to 10 people, the small business population growing at a faster rate.

    We hope that on-going Annual San Diego Entrepreneur Day related events, our 501(c)3 Partnerships and the Robin Hood Ventures Fund can be the source of success for new Entrepreneurs and business concepts, now and in the future.

    Real Entrepreneurs are “change agents”.  Entrepreneurs take the huge RISK to make or invent their own businesses/companies and success stories.

    Real Entrepreneurs roll up their sleeves, invent, start businesses and do the work.  They are inspired by the idea of changing the world, and changing the way people act and way they think, beyond the “status quo”.

    Year 2012, 30sec Elevator Pitch of SDEDAY concept to Mayor Jerry Sanders.

    Carl DeMaio and Entrepreneur Day Co-Founder Mike Spangler, we are Making San Diego Entrepreneurship Happen!

    Street Team and the pups.

    Mayor City of SD Proclamation



















    Opening Ceremony Inaugural 2012

    Representatives from the US Federal & CA State Gov’t, City & County of San Diego, & the East Village BID at Inaugural Entrepreneur Day 2013


    Founder, Executive Producer & Serial Entrepreneur

    San Diego Entrepreneur Day™ and the San Diego Entrepreneur Center™












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  • Entrepreneur Day Schedule


    • September 27, 2013
      • 6:00 pm - 9:30 pmA paid ticketed event- Friday Evening Business Networking with Food & Beverages, along with our sponsors and exhibitors, TasteMasters Guest Panelist, ending with our 2013 E-wards. Open to the public. Join our eNewsletter to receive updated information.
    • September 28, 2013
      • 10:50 am - 4:00 pmEntrepreneur Day 2013- Exhibitors, Pop-Up Offices, Consultants, Startup Demonstrations, Product Sampling, Raffles, Give-aways, Fashion Style Art Show & Lounge, Guest Speakers/Presenters, Lounge & Learn Workshops, Main Stage Elevator Pitch Contest for Cash and Prizes, Mobile Apps, and Interactive Events. Join our eNewsletter to receive updated information.
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